Registration Fee
Fee In-Person Participants (Oral/Poster Presenters) Listeners Virtual/Camera-Ready Participants
Early Registration Fee (US dollars)
Until July 01, 2017 (included)
$ 75 $ 75 $ 75
Regular Registration Fee (US dollars)
From July 02, 2017 until September 01, 2017 (included)
$ 100 $ 75 $ 75
Late Registration Fee (US dollars)
From September 02, 2017 until October 02, 2017 (included)
$ 125 $ 75 $ 75
Extra Paper Fee
(more than one paper)
$ 50 for each paper
External (Daily) Participation Fee
(who do not stay at the conference hotel)
$ 30 for each conference day
(covers lunch, dinner and coffee breaks)
Single Room Fee
(per night)
$ 50
(all inclusive covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks)
Double Room Fee
(per night per person)
$ 40
(all inclusive covers breakfast,lunch, dinner and coffee breaks)
Triple Room Fee
(per night per person)
$ 30
(all inclusive covers breakfast,lunch, dinner and coffee breaks)
NOTE 1: Participants can pay the conference fee as the equivalence of the US dollars (mentioned in the above table) in Euros or Turkish Liras. 

NOTE 2: All refund requests must be received in writing before July 01, 2017. There will be a $25 service charge per person for all refunds. There will be no refunds after July 01, 2017.
NOTE 3: Only one paper is allowed for one registration fee. If you have more than one paper, you need to pay 50 US dollars for each additional paper.
NOTE 4: The certificates of attendance and presentation will be only issued for registered presenters who paid the conference fee. Virtual/Camera-Ready Participants only get the electronic versions of the certificates and other conference documents.
NOTE 5: The participants who do not stay at the conference hotel need to pay 30 US dollars for each conference day they attend as an external visitor. This fee covers lunch, dinner and coffee breaks for each conference day at the conference hotel. The participants for whom the hotel rooms are reserved by the ISRES Organization do not pay the external participation fee for the accommodation days.

VAT is included in above fees.

Conference Registration Fee includes:
  • Conference Program Book
  • Conference Abstract Book
  • Name Tag
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Conference Bag
 Conference Virtual Registration Fee includes:
  • Conference Program e-Book
  • Conference Abstract e-Book
  • e-Certificate of Participation
Account Name: ISRES ORG.

Bank Name: Turkiye Finans
Branch Name: Ihsaniye Branch
Bank Code: 206
Branch Code: 282
USD 3330363-101 TR37 0020 6002 8203 3303 6301 01
TL 3330363-1 TR21 0020 6002 8203 3303 6300 01
EUR 3330363-102 TR10 0020 6002 8203 3303 6301 02
This is an online option. You can use your Credit Card to pay through secured PayPal gateway. The participants are responsible for PayPal charge which is about 5-7 US dollars per each registration.

There is no need to have a PayPal Account to use Credit Card. You can make the payment by Credit Card through PAYPAL in favor of ISRES email account (

How to use PayPal to make your payment to us?
  1. Open the website of PayPal:
  2. Select your country
  3. Create an account with your email address
  4. Add your credit card or debit card to your PayPal account
  5. Identify your card (optional)
  6. Login into PayPal and press “Send Money”
Use first option to make your payment to ISRES PayPal Account:



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Payment Information

Please complete the payment transaction information for the author(s) who will participate in the conference.


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Proposal (Abstract) Submission

To submit your proposal (abstract), please register and login your conference page. Then, submit your abstract using the online panel in your conference account.  


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